18 May 2009

Bavarian style

When you live in Seattle you feel obliged to seize any and all warm weather because you never know when it is going to make its way through again. Cameron and I headed east of the mountains to Leavenworth, for even warmer weather and more sunshine. We hiked up Icicle Ridge Trail and were pleasantly surprised by how sparse the foot traffic was. As much as we love to be social, we have a great knack for avoiding people, wherever we go. One of my greatest pet peeves is getting stuck behind people who are blabbing on and on. I dislike this so much, I even ran down the trail a good part of the way just because I heard voices were getting closer. I do not go hiking to hear other people's conversations.

Note: Cameron took this photo. On occasion he will take an awesome shots and I sometimes will forget to give him credit, do not underestimate him because he is quite the photographer himself........... I am just usually the camera hog.

On our way down, we encountered a bird watching group making their way up, with all their binoculars pointing at these cute little blue colored birds. The guide referred to them as blue jays, but I have my doubts about that..... they could be a variety I am unfamiliar with, I mean they are blue and they were with a guide. After our hike, we went into town to eat some lunch, buy the obligatory ice cream cone and were disappointed to see our favorite fruit stand, Prey's not open yet for the season. All in all we had a great time and were able to see interpretive dance, Leavenworth Bird Festival style and that my friends was well worth the drive itself.

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Ketsy said...

I don't even have to mention that we were out on the 2 this weekend as well. Doesn't it go without saying at this point? Such a lovely weekend!