22 April 2009

happy earth day

Our planet is just too beautiful to not take care of.
10 easy tips to being more environmentally friendly household:
1. walk when you can, instead of driving
2. do not buy bottled water, buy a Brita instead and use a reusable water bottle like Klean Kanteen3. invest in some sturdy shopping bags, check out the great totes at Smudge Ink
4. recycle, repurpose, and reduce use
5. do not litter, pick up others trash (that one is for all you fellow west seattle peeps)
6. take a hike, you will care more7. plant a garden
8. eat seasonally, buy locally
9. turn the heat down and turn the lights off when you are gone
10. use environmentally friendly cleaning products like J.R. Watkins


Ketsy said...

Happy Earth Day to you! I love all your tips. Trying to do my part.

Erin said...

i love #6 :]
you are a wise woman.