05 April 2009

The perfect day

Friday I had the opportunity to spend the day with my dear friend Kristi and her two kids. We spent the day playing at Lincoln park, trying to capture happy smiling faces, enjoying the sunshine and eating some of the yummy food that West Seattle has to offer. Kristi and I have been friends since junior high and although our schedules do not permit us to spend time together very often, when we do it is a special treat. Despite mini tantrums, tears and sad faces we ended the day on a positive note as Haydn pronounced, "let's do this again, all of this again"


Little Contents said...

Oh Lisette - the pictures are beautiful! We had a great time and we pronounced it a lovely day! Can't wait to do it "all again"!

Tavia said...

Beautiful chidlren, beautiful pictures. It's fun to see Kristi's growing family.