09 March 2009

"Snow" qualmie Pass

After having a wild start to March with snow, wind, rain, sun etc. we decided to head up to Snoqualmie Pass this weekend to get in on all the action. There was at least two feet of fresh powder and not another snowshoer in sight. Every now and again it would become almost white out conditions and we were able to see firsthand how easily it would be to have an avalanche situation.

When you throw your pole into the snow horizontally it looks like the Space Needle.
Trying out my new poles....I love them.


Erin said...

it feels good to be home after my vacation... looking at this blog makes me feel even better!! glad you guys had a fun weekend, and yes, your turquoise outfit is undeniably adorable. :]

Ketsy said...

I am trying not to be completely green with envy, though some of those sections look extremely avalanche prone!

Lisette and Cameron said...

The photos make it look pretty bad, I am certain they make my Mom fraught with worry.

Little Contents said...

Ahh. I haven't gotten a day in the snow to go skiing since before kids. I'm so jealous of your day at the pass!