30 March 2009

Museum of Glass

Since Cameron was still out of commission for hiking, I decided it would be fun to spend the day exploring Tacoma. Little did we know how much it would pour rain or feel like wintry blasts throughout the day, but that did not deter us from fun. The main event at the Tacoma Glass museum is the Hot Shop, there you can watch people blow glass until your little heart is content. I wanted to climb down there and use the blow torch, but I do not think they would have appreciated my help. After the Hot Shop we made our way up the ramps to the glass bridge, then onto Hotel Murano for lunch followed by a stop at the Johnson Candy Co. Johnson Candy Co. which has been around for eighty three years and have perfected their peanut butter candy according to Cameron. I sense we will be going back......soon.


Erin said...

you were in my hometown yesterday?? i wish i could have gone with you guys!!

Lisette and Cameron said...

Had I known I would have asked for a "must see" list. Are you familiar with Johnson Candy Co.?

Tavia said...

I've heard lots of people say they loved watching the hot shop. My fourth grade class went to a glow blowing shop once for a field trip and it was really interesting to watch.