25 February 2009

Spool and thread

Maybe it is just the small little world that I live in, but it seems like sewing is making a big comeback. I cannot count the number of blogs or etsy projects that utilize good old spool and thread. On a walk the other night, Cameron and I came across this adorable little shop of sorts...it is called Make it Workshop. If the George Nelson lamps and brightly colored walls do not make you swoon, then maybe the idea of whipping up a dress for a special dinner does. Anyone interested in taking a class with me? On a side note they advertise "attitude free" help. I mean those ladies at the fabric store usually have lots of attitude in their cat print vests.


Cameron said...

you should check out the Sewing and Stitching Expo tab in todays paper! I'll get you a copy. There is a big show coming up in Puyallup.

Erin said...

i want to take the class!! i love sewing shops! nancy's sewing basket!

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Oh my goodness! You are so right about the attitude... and the cat prints!!! Too true!