19 February 2009

Happy People Live Here

Several weeks ago there were plumbing inspections throughout our building, we were notified that our landlord would be making a brief visit to our place. I always hate the thought of people roaming through our place while we are away. About a week ago I ran into our landlord and she paid us a great compliment. And I quote, "you can just tell that happy people live there (meaning our place) it feels so different than all the other untis. You can tell that you take pride in where you live, the bright colors, the red, I just love the red." I was touched by her comments and Cameron had passed along earlier sentiments of the same type almost verbatium a week prior from her. You know the expression, "people watch what you do". This is testament to me how people "watch" you even when you are not around.


Erin said...


new layout = so freaking adorable.


Erin said...

ps. how was dinner at canlis last night?

Lisette and Cameron said...

oh i had to cancel on jason, i had a hot date with my love instead. he understood...... i mean even a wickedly wonderful wordsmith takes a backseat to him.

Erin said...

totally understandable ;]