15 February 2009

Valentine weekend

Cameron and I were able to have a wonderful, love filled weekend as we spent time with each other, our good friends and my family. We started the weekend on a double date with one of our favorite couples, Lynn and Steve. One of the reasons I enjoy spending time with them so much is because they have such a strong love for each and yet remind me of how wonderful it is to be married to someone different from yourself. They provide a good balance to each other, similar to how I view Cameron and myself.
Saturday, I surprised Cameron with an insane brunch at Salty's (fi: voted the best brunch in the nation by msn) followed by a much needed stroll along Alki, shopping for groceries and flowers at Pike Place and rounding the day out with a hike. I felt festive in my pink velvet coat and valentine pedicure while my super sexy husband opted for argyle. He always dresses so handsome, I never have to worry because he always looks better than I.Cameron and I have never been able to spend the entire day together on Valentine's day and it was nice to have the whole day to reflect on why I love him so much. The older I become the more I realize I do not need to make a big fanfare on Valentine's day (other than the fact that I like to) because if you are married to the right person (like I am) it feels like Valentine's day everyday.


Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. We did too... largely because we shared some of it with you two! Thanks for another great evening and for your friendship.

Erin said...

what a sexy couple.