28 January 2009

Tea salon

While we were in San Francisco we came upon the most adorable, clever, and wonderful store in Ghiradelli Square. Having just opened in September of 2008 Crowns and Crumpets is the fantasy of girls both young and old. In this tea shop you are served under beautiful crystal chandeliers enveloped with fabric shades, plenty of pink and floral prints to delight the senses and shabby sheekiness aplenty. I love the idea, I love the ambience and if I was rich I would fly my nieces out for a cup of tea.

1 comment:

Britty said...

How darling. One of these days I'm going to need to be patient and explore SF like you do.

That airstream looked delicious. If we're in Seattle again, we'll have to track it down.

It was wonderful to see you and Cameron. I'm glad you guys are travelers and visit often. Happy Birthday to Cameron, and you are absolutely right about Brandon's website photo. He's a punk!