15 January 2009

Shamelessly shoppertunistic

Last night I scored big time at one of my favorite haunts.... Marshalls. I have been on this yellow kick of wanting to find something yellow to wear, but when you are as pale as I you really should avoid such things. So my yellow kick has been fulfilled and now I have a WAY cute bag to boot. Oh yes and the lining is a super jazzy print of black, white and grey, it looks like a bag of confetti exploded in my bag. Love it!!


Sarah Godding said...

Love it! And no it doesn't make you look pale, just super cute!

Ketsy said...

I was eyeing your purse at church today. I love the color!

Our world through our camera lense said...


i was eyeing your gold shoes and cute glasses at church- nice, very nice!! you always look ultra fab.