05 January 2009

Love it, want it, just have to have it.....

Ever since I worked at the Eddie Bauer home store I have been a sucker for good bedding. If I had it my way I would change it all the time, but it is a little cost prohibitive. Just recently, I have fallen in love with this Ruched Voile Duvet from Pottery Barn. My favorite part that Cameron so astutely pointed out is that it always looks wrinkly, which to me means you never had to iron it. Yippee!!! Not that I am one to pick up an iron anyways, but still Cameron has the right idea. On a side note: Pottery Barn is having a White Sale which means all their towels are on sale. If you have never bought their PB Basic towels, they will change your live. All other towels seem lame in comparison to these beauties. We decided to make the transition to white from cream, but maybe if I get this new bedding I should rethink that one.

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