09 January 2009

Eating out with a purpose

FareStart is a job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals. Over the past 16 years, FareStart has provided opportunities for over 2,400 people to transform their lives, while also serving over 3.5 million meals to disadvantaged men, women, and children. FareStart offers a 16 week training program where graduates learn the skills necessary to enter the restaurant industry. I read a little about this program before we went, but I was not expecting to witness an actual graduation in addition to dinner. It was so inspiring to hear from each one of the graduates, it warmed my heart and what an excellent way for them to start their new year. All proceeds from dinner go back to supporting their program so I definitely plan on eating here again. It was an inspirational night.....oh and the food was delicious to boot.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

I had a similar experience at my dinner there. Have also been to a breakfast fundraiser for them and felt the same inspiration. Very cool program. Let's make sure to get there together soon.