29 January 2009

Bird of Paradise

Cameron’s grandpa is a lot like my grandpa. The first time I met him, I knew we would be friends. The similarities between our grandpas are endless: they both like to tell stories, talk to you for hours, led interesting lives and like to be the center of the party. Now that my grandpa has passed away I relish the opportunity to spend time with Cameron’s grandpa even more. I love the endless supply of unsolicited advice, the talking with the hands and having someone always so excited about all I am up to. I always love taking photographs in his backyard of the calla lilies, roses, hydrangeas or whatever else is currently in bloom. While we were there his grandpa had a gift for me, a stem of a bird of paradise. The bird of paradise, although a small gesture made my day and is a reminder that I am loved by two wonderful grandpas: one on earth and one in heaven.

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