20 November 2008

Tree lots have nothing on Donna's

You would not think that I would love making the "trek" to the grocery store of all places to get our Christmas tree, but I do. Ever since I first convinced Cameron to buy a Christmas tree for his little apartment we have been going there. This year since we have moved we are in a bit of a dilemma. What shall we do? Do we drive to Kirkland and reenact our annual tradition only to have to drive across the water with a tree on our car or do we opt to make a new tradition? It is hard when you are forced to move, similar to being dumped as opposed to breaking up with someone. We are feeling a bit sad this season, but we are very much enjoying our double paned windows.


Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

I have the perfect solution... just move back to Kirkland. You can totally avoid the whole taking the tree across the water that way... problem solved.

Lisette and Cameron said...

Move before Christmas? I think not, not unless you want two new roommates. I am sure Steve would not mind, he would have someone to eat popcorn with and play Wii.