21 November 2008

Holiday season

Who has not experienced the horror of not knowing what to get someone, especially someone who is close to you, whom you should know exactly what they want and or need? Well no fear, here are some of my ideas for all those hard to shop for folks. I always feel like guys are particularly hard to shop for, maybe because they tend to have less stuff or wear less accessories than us girls. Some of the best gifts I have found for the men in my life are at Red Envelope, this is one shop that knows what men need ie. what Cameron has deemed the "man box" an updated equivalent of the valet. Here he can dump all that stuff that comes out of his pockets at the end of the day and not clutter the top of the dresser. Another awesome idea are these shirt collar tabs that say fun things on them like "you are so handsome" such a fun, clever, yet practical gift. For the women in your life anything cashmere is a great gift in my opinion, but these long gloves from J.Crew are perfect because they do not bunch up around your wrists as is this equally clever "magic" wallet that can open either way. Just some ideas, and happy shopping.

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