21 October 2008

Positive Energy

We all have those people in our lives that make us happier for having been around them and last night we were able to hang out with people who always make us feel that way. Last night we decided to give Tom Douglas another try and go to Serious Pie with our friends Lynn and Steve. Upon arrival, I was instantly pleased with the concise menu. I mean how can a restaurant make fifty items really well? There were around seven pizzas to choose from and they did not disappoint. The oblong pizzas come loaded with gourmet toppings--we tried the spicy cherry bomb peppers and sweet fennel sausage along with the squash and gorgonzola which was a dream. The crust is thin, chewy and why doesn't mine ever turn out like that at home?

1 comment:

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Wasn't it the best? The only thing that topped it was the company. thanks so much!