13 October 2008


You may be shorter than me,
But not today.
Have fun conquering the world today.


LisetteandCameron said...

I love it! Thanks for the post, I was really surprised to see this! All I need is a cape, hey that is a good idea for next time. Props, lots and lots of props.

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISETTE! Have a great day. You're the best!

Robert said...

Happy Birthday -- carve a pumpkin for me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisette, I know its late and you probably don't remember me, but Lynn told me it was your birthday and I just wanted to add my congrats to the growing list! I hope you had a wonderful day and I love your fun pictures! You and Cameron really are so great and I'm glad I got to know you. Have a great day and enjoy being one year older!

Lisette and Cameron said...

Robert- Wish you were here, you make parties even more fun. Loved the NBC logo, especially with the food coloring accents.