24 September 2008

Love at home

When my nieces were visiting over the summer we celebrated both of their birthdays since we were not able to be with them on their special day. My Mom of course spared no effort as she produced the cakes of their choice: Dora and Strawberry Shortcake. It would have been much easier to give them a simple sheet cake, but that would not be my mother. My mother takes on the calling of motherhood and now grandmahood (is that really a word) more fiercely and passionately than most people take their jobs. My mother lives and breathes our family and with that she is the very heart and soul of our family. Every holiday is undertaken with the same enthusiasm and drive to leave no doubt in our mind that she loves us all with every fiber of her being and that we are her world and her life greatest work.


Erin said...

hey... just an anonymous reader/fan here... do you think your mother could make a britney spears cake?

LisetteandCameron said...

i have heard about my "blog stalker", glad that you decided to leave a comment :). i really love getting comments. my mom can do anything, so if you are really interested i can look into it. i have not started your book yet, i am lame. sorry i will read it soon.